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Perry and Debbie,

Now that the Blackberry Festival is completed I wanted to send you a note to express thanks for sharing your gift of music.  This year’s festival was a great success.  The music is always part of the foundation for success at the festival.  The crowd enjoyed hearing your performance.

I will be sure to retain your contact information for future festivals.  By tradition the Blackberry Festival does not repeat a band two years in a row.  So be sure to apply for the 2018 festival!  I have contacts with other area festivals and I will share your contact information with them. 

Again thanks for your great music,  John Stockwell

Entertainment Chair  Bremerton Rotary-Blackberry Festival

Perry was a big hit and we want him back very soon!  
You will never be able to get rid of me now!  :)
Have a super holiday weekend!
Nicole Markel
Wine Club / Ownership Manager
Willamette Valley Vineyards

“The rhythm is very infectious because it makes me want to dance. Your vocals reminds me of the Cure's lead singer. I like that breathy voice you have and how you use it for pop music. I think that the message is pretty powerful overall.”

“I think that the intro sounded really fun and the melody was really pbeat. I think that the tempo of the song was perfectand is great to dance to. i love how unique the vocals are and think that the vocalist is really talented. i love the overall soundof this voice and think that the lyrics are really exciting and have a cool meaning. they are also really inspiring.”

“This track in particular has and amazing set of vocals, lyrics, baseline, beat and especially musical effect, which are a major standout. Although the song used synthesised instruments, it still sound full and flowing. Overall the sound and flow of the music goes together amazing. The artist has put a lot of effort into such an amazing track. The baseline works wonderful with the overall backing track. The lyrics have a certain symbolic touch witch the songwriter has addressed extremely well. It is a memorable song which is simply catchy and surpassingly calming at the same time. I would definitely recommend this particular track to everyone. It would work wonderfully in the market and it reminds me of other popular music which adds another depth to it because of its overall catchy lyrics and certain bass. Awesome, amazing, i love it! If i could produce such top quality music i would be ecstatic”